Association professionelle de capitaines et officiers de marine marchande

Report 2017-02 on the investigation into the capsizing and subsequent rescue mission of the sailing vessel


On July 1st 2017, around 8:00 hours1 in the morning the sy CAPELLA, participating in a sail
regatta, the Lightvessel Race, on easterly courses, sheered several times, before capsizing at
08:14 hours in the vicinity of the Noord Oost Akkaert buoy off the Belgian coast in approximate
position 51°27’24 N and 003°00’88 E.

Another contender in the race was sailing very close to the sy CAPELLA at the time of the
accident but none of the crewmembers on board the said contender had noted and or reported

The sy CAPELLA did not emit any distress signals at the time of capsizing nor at any other
moment thereafter.

The sy CAPELLA did not sink, but remained afloat in upside down position. Three
crewmembers of the sy CAPELLA remained with the yacht. Two were able to clamber on top
of the overturned hull, one crewmember held on to the forward pulpit.

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source: fod mob foso